Wikipedia Reports

Good rainy Thursday morning to you all! I’m not going to assign any reading for next week’s Omni-Class, though if you have any other subjects that you’re interested in, please email me to ensure that we can incorporate it into the class. I want you to devote the next week to getting a good start on your Wikipedia project. Here’s what I’m looking for, due April 1st:

* Write a new page or substantially edit an existing page within Wikipedia. By substantial, I will be looking for more than 200 words of original material or the equivalent in terms of reorganization or “wikification.” You’re going to be graded not just on your contribution but how well you do within the bounds of Wikipedia—whether your contributions are welcomed, fit within the context of the Talk page within your particular entry, your adherance to NPOV and “notability” guidelines, and the like. You’ll need to spend some time learning the ethos of Wikipedia via its tutorial and reading through the tutorials and talk/discussion pages where you want to make your contribution. You won’t be penalized if your changes are undone, as long as you have a good case for your notability/NPOV, etc., and engage in the discussion if necessary.

Here’s the tutorial page to get started. Make sure to play around this week so we can answer any questions you have in class next week.

Go forth and conquer!

UPDATE: For your blog post for this week, pick something out of the feed and write about it. Make sure to label it a response post. Also, since I know some of you mentally appeared to still be on spring break last week, make sure that you wrote *last week’s* entry too, on Wikipedia.

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