Next week’s class will be the second one focused on social media; in particular we’ll look at how collaboration happens online and in joint web projects. I think, out of the deep goodness of my heart, that I’m going to go easy on you this week and not assign any online reading. Thus:

1) Work on your linking for next week. Remember, no new terms! If there are more than the current 335 terms next week, there’ll be hell to pay.

2) Blog on the Long Tail: Where, in your personal experience, do you see the long tail playing out online? What interests/tastes/hobbies do you explore or use the web for that would have been difficult in the pre-web era?

3) Catch up. We’ll talk about the social media project in class next week and I might even push back the due date a week if that helps people.

4) Go forth and conquer.

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One Comment on “Collaboration”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Sorry, random Q . . . has any one had any luck changing their blog font post colors?

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